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This necklace artfully combines the earthy beauty of Rhyolite, the soothing charm of Moss Agate, the grounding presence of Tiger's Eye, and the natural warmth of wood beads.


  • Rhyolite is celebrated for its grounding and stabilizing properties, making it an ideal choice for those seeking balance and connection to the Earth's energy. It's believed to provide a sense of security and empowerment.
  • Moss Agate adds a touch of tranquility with its calming and nurturing qualities. It's believed to bring emotional healing and a sense of connection to nature, making it perfect for those seeking peace and growth.
  • Tiger's Eye complements the necklace with its grounding and protective energy, believed to enhance focus, self-confidence, and balance. It's a powerful stone for those looking to connect with their inner strength.


The wood beads add a touch of natural warmth to the necklace, providing an elegant and rustic look that seamlessly blends with the colorful gemstones.

Rhyolite Earthy Bead Chain Necklace

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