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This palm root agate and blue apatite pendant is a fusion of earthy elegance and vibrant energy meticulously handcrafted with intricately woven and antiqued copper wire.


  • Palm Root Agate is celebrated for its grounding and stabilizing properties, making it an ideal choice for those seeking balance and connection to the Earth's energy. It's believed to provide a sense of security and empowerment.
  • Blue Apatite adds a vibrant touch with its inspirational energy. It's believed to enhance motivation, creativity, and self-expression, making it perfect for those on a journey of personal growth and transformation.


The pendant is expertly wrapped in intricately woven and twisted antiqued copper wire, creating a unique and harmonious design that combines rustic charm with sophistication.

Palm Root Agate and Apatite Pendant in Copper

Only 1 left in stock
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