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Captivating labradorite lotus pendant, a piece that fuses the mystical beauty of labradorite with the symbol of purity and enlightenment, the lotus. This pendant is meticulously handcrafted, showcasing a labradorite gemstone with flashes of iridescent blue and a lotus design intricately wrapped in copper wire.


Labradorite is celebrated for its enchanting play of colors, believed to awaken intuition and enhance spiritual awareness. It's a stone that encourages self-discovery and creativity, making it ideal for those on a journey of personal growth and enlightenment. The lotus is a symbol of purity, spiritual awakening, and the ability to rise above challenges. Together with labradorite, it forms a powerful combination that connects the wearer to their inner wisdom and promotes a sense of balance and harmony.


The pendant comes with a copper chain, providing an elegant and rustic charm to the piece.

Labradorite Lotus Pendant in Copper

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