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The Crystal Lover's Monthly Meditation and Manifestation Box


The Monthly Meditation and Manifestation Boxes will provide you with crystals and a guided meditation to help you bring desired change into your life, through intention setting and inspiration for how to manifest your dreams!


The Crystal Lover's Box includes three crystals that go along with the theme for the month, cards to explain the box and the meditation included, and fun stickers!


Each box will ship at the start of the month to arrive by or before the 10th of each month.


  • February will focus on meditations and crystals for self love and self care.
  • March will focus on prosperity and luck, to bring good fortune into your life.
  • April will focus on planting seeds for things to come.


Save money buy purchasing multiple months at the same time! To start, limited quantities will be available. There will only be 15 boxes available of the Crystal Lover's box for each month, so secure your spot as soon as possible!


Are you ready to bring change and manifest your dreams with the power of crystals?


Email me with any questions or concerns so that I can help!

Crystal Lover's Monthly Meditation and Manifestation Box

Crystal Lovers Box