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A magical blue moonstone necklace, handcrafted with love and skillfully wrapped in intricately woven antiqued copper wire. This beautiful piece features a large round blue moonstone as the centerpiece, with a crescent moon design on the front to add a touch of celestial charm.


Moonstone is known for its calming energy, helping to balance emotions and promote inner peace. It's also said to enhance intuition and bring insight and clarity to your thoughts.


Copper is a powerful conductor of energy, making it an excellent metal for energy healing and balancing. It's believed to help enhance communication, promote self-expression, and boost overall physical and emotional well-being.


This necklace is perfect for anyone looking to add some bohemian charm to their outfit, while also benefiting from the healing properties of moonstone and copper. It comes with a 24-inch antiqued copper chain, making it the perfect length for layering or wearing on its own.

Crescent Moon and Moonstone Copper Pendant

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