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Crystals and Self Care

Last week, I shared with you the ways to recharge and cleanse your crystals, and this week, I want to discuss ways to use them for self-care!


Meditation is the overarching best way to use crystals for self-care. If you’re already familiar with meditation, using crystals in your practice is a good supplement to your practice! But if you’re new to this kind of work with your crystals, I’ll explain here what I mean by using them for meditation and why you should consider taking up this kind of practice.

Meditation is a great way to help us relax, clear our minds, and release any negative energy. Overall, it can be helpful for our well-being, especially our mental and emotional health! Using crystals as part of your meditation can help you deepen this practice and work toward a specific outcome. This kind of meditation can help raise your intuition and awareness, and help bring out new insights.

Recharge — You recharge your crystals, so why wouldn’t you recharge yourself? Working with crystals in your meditation can sometimes be an added little boost to your day, especially when you know the main properties of a crystal and what you’re trying to achieve with using it.

For instance, as an Aries, I find it really helpful to work with carnelian, as it’s especially helpful to my sign but also really great for focusing on creativity. If you haven’t gathered already by this business, I do a lot that involves creativity, between making jewelry, writing, and sometimes painting.

You might choose to do some research about what stones best benefit you based on what you feel you need, or even your astrological sign like I hinted at here, but I promise that after this post, you’ll start seeing posts that focus on particular crystals and their properties!

Mindfulness — This one goes hand in hand with the general idea of meditation, I think, but paying attention to how you feel in meditating with a stone and what properties exist for different stones helps you to make the most of your practice.

In your meditative practices, you may choose to focus on particular intentions, or opening certain chakras. There’s not really a right or wrong way to meditate, so long as it seems like something that will work for you and your needs.

It is helpful, though, to be sure you’ve got a quiet place where you can focus on your breathing and the sounds around you, and explore how you feel and what you are trying to manifest with your intentions. Stay with the meditation however long you feel it takes. I’ll be honest: I’m not an expert on meditating, and it’s a unique practice for everyone, so do what feels right for you when you approach it!

You might choose to hold the crystals in your hands while you meditate, or for focusing on chakras, it could be helpful to lay the crystals on your body to focus your intentions better there.

Some common crystals that can be great for day to day practice are clear quartz, selenite, and palm stones or worry stones. These last ones I’ve listed are especially great because of how well they sit in your hand, allowing you to perhaps meditatively rub one with your thumb and really feel the energy in your hands.

After you’ve used your crystals for self-care, you may want to consider cleansing and/or recharging them, so that they’ll be good for practice again.

Want to reference my post about this, or missed it when it came around? Check it out here!

Do you practice meditation? If not, do you think you might start practicing? What crystals do you hope to use in your next session? Let me know below!

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