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Cleansing Your Crystals

Welcome to my first blog post!

Whether you were brought to my page because you enjoy the artsy side of my jewelry or the crystals inside the wire wraps, I’ve got a helpful tip that you should hear to get the most out of the pieces I create.

It’s not always talked about or at the forefront of your mind, but an essential to using and wearing crystals is cleansing them!

Why should you cleanse your crystals?

  • You never know where they come from. People from all walks of life may have touched your crystal before it came to you. For instance, the gemstones and crystals I work with come from whoever I bought them from, and then they arrive to you after I’ve worked with them. Or, if I’ve been at an event, then dozens of people have come by and touched the jewelry pieces and left a residue of their emotions on them.

  • You don’t want this residual emotion affecting you. Crystals are meant to help with healing or whatever practice you’re using them for, and they won’t be able to do their job as well for with these residues.

When should you cleanse your crystals?

  • Right after you buy or receive it. Like I mentioned above, you never know where your crystals come from! It’s best to give it a fresh start with you so that you can begin to work with it.

  • If you’re wearing them as jewelry, cleanse daily or weekly. Just as your workday wears on you, it will wear on the effectiveness of your crystals and bog them down with negative guck.

  • Crystals used to cleanse your home, should be cleansed monthly. They might get less direct contact, but they’re still taking on any negative energy in your space and deserve the same care of cleansing.

How do you cleanse your crystals?

  • Natural water — water neutralizes the negative energy stored in the stone to direct it back to the earth. You can use water from your sink, but if you can find a natural source of running water, like a stream or rainfall, that’s even better! Some stones shouldn’t be cleansed with water, like malachite and selenite, so do your research about the stone before using this method.

  • Sunlight or moonlight — leave your stones beneath sunlight or moonlight to cleanse and recharge their properties. Some stones are susceptible to discoloration if left in the sun too long, so moonlight would be a gentler option, and especially more powerful under a full moon.

  • Earth — bury your crystals in the earth for a full day, and the earth will soak up the unwanted energies. Your crystals will emerge refreshed and cleansed! You might not want to use this method with my finished pieces, unless you feel comfortable with cleaning the wire afterward!

  • Smoke cleansing— cleanse your stones with the smoke from sage or palo santo by lighting the stick, and waving the smoke over the stone for 20 to 30 seconds. This will also simultaneously cleanse your home, too!

  • Salt water — for your water-safe stones, a salt water bath overnight will do the trick! Add a pinch of salt to a bowl of water, or even better, bring the crystals to sea water for something more natural. Remember to rinse the crystals in clear water afterward to remove any salty residues! Salt can harm some stones, though, like hematite and pyrite, so this is another good time to do your research before submerging your crystals.

  • Other stones — some crystals are actually great for absorbing the negative energies of other stones and regenerate them! Selenite and clear quartz can do the trick here, but laying the crystals you want to cleanse on selenite or clear quartz for at least six hours, but the longer the better!

This was a bit lengthy, but not all posts will be this long, I promise! We had a lot to cover to set the stage for the future. I’ll be writing here weekly, so next week, get ready to hear about how to use your crystals for healing practices and self-care!

If you’ve already been cleansing your crystals, what’s your favorite way to cleanse them? If you’re new to cleansing, which method are you excited to try?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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